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Susie MacMurray - Blur

Site specific installation, commissioned by Meadow Arts 2016

In partnership with Hereford College of Arts

There are many different kinds and levels of darkness or obscuration of vision.  We sometimes speak about exploring deep space or doing something challenging and completely unfamiliar as ‘reaching into the void’.  Susie MacMurray is interested in the idea that darkness, the unknown or being ‘in the dark’ is a nuanced experience.  It is far from empty.  Even in the pitch black there is still a lot of information reaching us from within and from outside our bodies, which we try to make sense of – indeed our senses are heightened by it.

MacMurrays’ intention, here in the context of a former school for the blind, is to construct a sculptural environment from extruded black butterfly netting. She was drawn to the material as it “implies fragile ephemeral things trapped within its folds and edges”.

When constructed this large mass, essentially a black shadowy cloud, will fill the centre of the hall.  When complete the viewer will be able to enter the void and even lie down and take time to experience being inside this smoky dark material, through which natural light penetrates in different amounts.






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