David Ogle workshop

Part of In Another Light at Croft Castle and Parkland

Arts Award

Meadow Arts brings contemporary art to unusual places, working with established and new artists to create inspiring exhibitions.

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Each venue we work at is different, and each exhibition is tailor-made for the place, its stories and its history.

There are opportunities at each site to complete elements of your Arts Award, so please check our Events pages for Arts Award opportunities on our current art programmes.

Arts Award activities that can be completed with Meadow Arts (subject to availability in the current programme) include:

- Meet the artist sessions
- Workshops at exhibitions
- Take part in visual art projects
- Attend exhibitions
- Young curators group
- Write an exhibition review for our blog
- Work experience
- Volunteering
- Meet the curators
- Internships
- Attend artist performances
- Write an online opinion piece on contemporary art
- Plan and deliver your own project


What is Arts Award?

Arts Award is...

  • a nationally recognised qualification in the arts for children and young people
  • a great way for children and young people to be inspired by and enjoy the arts
  • offered at five levels, four accredited and one introductory award
  • a framework for learning new skills and sharing them
  • an opportunity to develop creativity and leadership skills
  • a link between young people and creative arts professionals

Meadow Arts – Arts Award Supporter Offer

Meadow Arts offers a range of opportunities for young people to listen, create and interact with contemporary visual arts in a safe and welcoming environment. As an Arts Award Supporter organisation, we have activities and opportunities to help you complete your Arts Award at Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver levels.

Note for teachers: we work with a pool of Creative Practitioners to help you to deliver strong arts education projects in the classroom, in a practical and hands-on way, across the different Arts Award stages.

For more information please contact Steve Wilson, Education and Engagement Officer on 01584 873964 /steve@meadowarts.org



We can support parts A and B through our Meadow Arts Inspires School Projects and Meadow Arts Inspires Engagement Programme.

Part A – skills: At Discover Level young people will be able to take part in practical arts activities such as working in schools with our creative practitioners to learn new, creative visual arts skills.

Part B - find out: Young people will be able to find out about artists and their artistic techniques and historical art techniques

Part C - Share: Young People will be able to show their work to their peers, teachers and parents /carers in school assemblies, open to the wider school community.



We can support your delivery of Explore Level, parts A, B & C through our Meadow Arts Inspires programme.

Part A – inspire: Young people will be able to take part in practical classroom-based arts activities lead by specialist creative practitioners, through our Meadow Arts Inspires programme.

Part B – explore: Young people will be able to explore the work of artists and arts organisations by attending gallery exhibitions, talking to gallery curators and liaising with our creative practitioners who themselves are professional artists.

Part C – create: Young people will create work based on the visits to galleries, using the site visits as inspiration.

Part D – present: Young People will be able to showcase their work to others using different artistic techniques.



We can support your delivery of Bronze Level, parts A, B & C through our Meadow Arts Inspires Programme.

Part A - explore the arts as a participant: Young people can take part in creative arts activities through our Meadow Arts Inspires Programme, whether at school /college or through our engagement workshops. We will work with young people to take part in activities and to improve personal artistic techniques.

Part B - explore the arts as an audience member: Young people are welcome to attend exhibitions organised by Meadow Arts, either relating to our annual exhibition, or exhibitions via Meadow Projects that take place in a range of popular and accessible venues across Shropshire, Herefordshire or Worcestershire (more information on www.meadowarts.org), or by attending other regional galleries where contemporary art is shown (e.g. Ikon, Birmingham, or New Art Gallery, Walsall). We welcome gallery and exhibition reviews and are very happy to publish them on our blog where possible.

Part C - arts inspiration: Young people can meet and research artists in more detail through working with our creative practitioners and our own Artistic Director, who is happy to offer mentoring support wherever possible.



We can support delivery of Silver Level, Unit 1 through our wider artistic resources, both staff and activities.

Unit 1, parts A & B - arts challenge: Young people can take part in creative arts activities and work with us to plan a course of action for the award. We will work with young people to provide them with support and maintain information gathering.

Unit 1, part C - review arts events: Young people will be able to review a number of contemporary visual art exhibitions. We can support them to research the best regional exhibitions to attend and help guide them through writing an art critique. They will learn how to review a contemporary art show and develop skills in writing reviews. Where this coincides timing-wise with our own exhibitions, we will invite students to opening events and meet them on site to talk them through the show.

Unit 1, part D - arts research: Young people will be able to find out more about the arts through work experience placements with us. This will include educational and career development and we offer a rotating position on our Board for a Youth Trustee (must be aged 16+).


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