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Carl Jaycock - Complicated Boundary

Wood frame, digitally printed fabric

Sharon Kivland - Pastorale

Wood and canvas tent lined with Toile de Jouy, Two chromed mirror stands, engraved glass

Karen Rann - Inroads

Steel rods, polythene foam sheeting

Lalitte Stolper - Infinite Definition

Mirrors, steel, fetuca glauca grass

Elizabeth-Jane Grose - Identification

148 engraved horticultural badges

Paul Rooney - Tales of the Half Light

Sound installation

Julia Barton - Desire to Enter

Plastic red roses, tree stakes, barbed wire


15 June - 1 September 2003

After its first year and inaugural exhibition ‘Picture This: Revisiting the Picturesque’ in 2002, the Meadow Gallery addressed the concepts of borders and boundaries, and notions of ownership and access in the countryside.Part of our attraction towards the natural environment is based on ideals of boundlessness and openness though  few landscapes are truly boundless. In what is seen as the “natural” environment, history and culture are rigorously inscribed on the land by means of visible and invisible borders and boundaries.

Boundaries divide, cross and re-cross the land, marking patterns of ownership, restriction, control and belonging. Ways of knowing the landscape can be at the same time scientific, magical and romantic. It is the boundaries between these attitudes and the reality of the landscape that have been explored by the artists in this exhibition. All of the works were specially commissioned for this exhibition and were created specifically for the site.




Burford House
Tenbury Wells
WR15 8HQ

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