The House of Fairy Tales

Join the adventures on 22 August 2015. Image by Guzelian.

The House of Fairy Tales

Adventure awaits in The Time Travellers Ironbridge Quest

The House of Fairy Tales

Adventure awaits in The Time Travellers Ironbridge Quest

The House of Fairy Tales

A parallel world of learning and imagination

The Time Traveller's Ironbridge Quest

Join The House of Fairy Tales and the Time Travellers to gather the story fragments and unlock the tangled secrets of the great furnace...

22nd August 2015


10am - 5pm

In partnership with Meadow Arts and The Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust

Visitors are invited to join a grand adventure for all ages at Coalbrookdale, with free entry to the Museum of Iron, Enginuity and the Darby Houses for the day

The story so far...

On the 22nd of August the Story Stone will crash to earth and shatter into shimmering fragments, transforming the Museum of Iron into a surreal space of strange tales and wondrous characters. This is set to be an adventure of epic proportions where you are the most important part...

Racing through the multiverse, faster than the speed of light, the Time Travellers are on a quest. They have detected the fall of the legendary Story Stone and they are being drawn in to it like iron to a magnet. At last they have found it - of course it is right here in the land of the Iron Bridge where the tales of the past and the future lie as thickly as dust in an old coal mine. The time has come for a great story to unfold. A story of mythic beasts, the faerie folk of the earth, the fearless ingenuity of humans and the intense and poisonous magic of the earth's most precious possessions.

Guided by a beautifully illustrated map, players are invited to become vital agents in bringing this stories to life through shadow puppetry, sculpting, building, making music and carrying messages as well as solving puzzles and discovering clues.

Around each shimmering Story Stone fragment the time travelling artists of the House of Fairy Tales will be forging unique and mysterious stories. From the tumbling trickster streets of the Jitties to the technological myths of the shadowy Cyclops. Aided by the brave and clever players they will exercise their skill and inventiveness to delve deeply into the past of the area and reach boldly out to the future.

Illustration of a robot machine with an eye.At the heart of the quest will be the Story Furnace - the crumbling furnace where iron was first smelted with coal now transformed by the twinkling core of the Story Stone into a machine for re-telling our own future.

If this story is going to be told it will need help - help from the bright and brilliant minds of the young. Do you have what it takes to join the Time Travellers and unlock the power of the Story Stone?


Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron
Coach Road