The End of the Ice Age? 3-Day Summer Art Project

13 – 15 August 2018, 11am – 3pm, The Hive, Worcester


Keep cool at the Hive this August with Bristol-based artists Megan Clark-Bagnall & Jasmine Loveys. Between them, their skills include performance, visual art, hosting excellent parties and disco dancing.

A small group of young artists are invited to join Megan & Jasmine for a series of art workshops, inspired by the Ice Age Worcester exhibition. This is an exciting opportunity to explore a variety of art techniques and undertake new experiments!

"There will be a BIG MAKE activity as well as individual makes for your children to treasure and take home! Each day we’ll add another element towards our ‘big make’ and together we will create a slightly scientific, large in size and experimental multi-media installation that reflects our place in the world. Expect lots of frozen water, sound, lighting and a chance to use technology in new ways!"

Megan & Jasmine

Come for one or two of the making days and then we’ll all prepare for the big exhibition party on the third day!


DAY ONE: Explore Your Place In The World

What better way to capture some images of the world around us than by making our very own pinhole cameras out of everyday objects?

Embrace your unique perspective as we look at the world differently!


DAY TWO: Treasures On Earth

Let’s step outside together, explore the earth, it’s offerings and together we’ll create some treasured trinkets from nature’s bounty to take home!


DAY THREE: Welcome To The End Of The Ice Age

We’re going to end these workshops by throwing a welcome party!

Together we’ll curate an ice-cracking finale art exhibition and preview your artworks to parents!


Cost: £2. The workshop is for 3 days but you can attend for one or two days (if you are just coming for one day, it will need to be on Day One or Day Two). Please note the cost is the same.

There will be a maximum of 20 participants.

Age range: 8-13 years.

Adults don’t need to stay, but we’ll need their contact details when you book.

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