Susie MacMurray - studio test for Blur

Testing of materials in preparation for the making of sculptural installation, Blur

Susie MacMurray - sketch for Blur

Artist's sketch of how Blur will look

Curator's Tours of Susie MacMurray's Blur

An opportunity to visit the temporary sculpture Blur, created by Susie MacMurray, at Hereford College of Arts' historic College Road Campus. A Meadow Arts Curator will be on hand to explain more about Susie MacMurray's work, Meadow Arts and the project with the college.

Tuesday 1st November 4pm

Wednesday 2nd November 4pm

Thursday 3rd November 3:30pm

Hereford College of Arts, College Road Campus, Hereford HR1 1EB

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Curator's Tours are suitable for Arts Award