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Youth Trustee Katie Hodson

16th April 2018

Katie Hodson tells us about being Meadow Arts' first ever Youth Trustee, why she took on the role and what inspires her...

"Hi! I’ve been Meadow Arts’ inaugural Youth Trustee for just under a year now. After leaving University in 2016, I set up my own small-scale artist led studio and gallery space within Worcester, and immediately found a passion for facilitating contemporary art through supporting artists and their practices. When the project ended, I jumped at the chance to get involved in a National Portfolio Arts Organisation like Meadow Arts, really keen to bring ideas to the table but to also develop an understanding of the practicalities of how things work at this scale.

Installation at Weston Park

Left: Jasleen Kaur's work at Weston Park inspired Katie

I wasn’t really sure what to expect, the only real description of my role was that I needed to attend as many board meetings as I could, and contribute any ideas I had (without being shy!). But for me the experience so far has been a lot more than just that - I’ve assisted artists in workshops for children, visited Meadow Arts exhibitions to chat to visitors, and completed my Arts Award Training to name just a few! 

The role was attractive to me as I really wanted to get involved with a larger scale organisation and absorb as much information as possible. I’ve learnt loads, including some of the scary legal stuff that is required, but probably one of the most beneficial things for me so far has been the further development of my own research interests. I am a freelance practitioner with a predominantly curatorial practice, and my experience within Meadow Arts has really heightened my interest in organisations without a permanent gallery space. I have become even more passionate about partnership working, thinking a lot about projects that encourage working closely with individuals, groups and large scale organisations to facilitate contemporary art. In order to explore these ideas more in depth, I have recently accepted a place at the University of Birmingham to study Art History and Curating at Masters level which begins later this year.

This image from Coventry inspired Katie Hodson

Acting as Meadow Arts’ Youth Trustee has really emphasised to me the importance of diversity within organisations, and how crucial it is for arts organisations to really consider their audiences. I’m really looking forward to continuing to be involved with Meadow Arts, and encourage you to get involved too!"




Right: Seen in Coventry, this image has been central to Katie's practice recently, in relation to partnership working and collaboration