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New Youth Trustee - Adam Neal

4th April 2019

Adam joined the Meadow Arts Board in 2019

We’re really pleased to welcome Birmingham based artist Adam Neal onto the Meadow Arts Board as our Youth Trustee in 2019.

We asked Adam to explain why he was interested in helping to support Meadow Arts’ work through a position on the Board. Adam explained, “The Youth Trustee position with Meadow Arts was of particular interest to me, as I believe the work Meadow Arts does outside of conventional artistic and institutional spaces is pivotal. Tania Bruguera (a Cuban installation and performance artist) once claimed that we must ‘return Duchamp’s urinal back to the toilet’, a great starter for a conversation I had with Chair of Trustees Richard Heatly and Meadow Arts’ Director and Curator, Anne de Charmant.

Showcasing art in unusual spaces facilitates a dialogue with the general public that may be missed within conventional white-cube spaces. This clarification around artists, their practice and the work they do outside of that, helps to demystify the idea of the individual and orients the experience around the viewer.

Meadow Arts’ Youth Trustee position allows me to directly contribute to positive artistic outputs within areas I have a more intimate knowledge of, and that makes the position carry even more significance. Having grown up in South Birmingham, and attending college in Bromsgrove, I am keen to see local art environments being able to thrive: Meadow Arts facilitates that and to be involved with it from within is an unprecedented opportunity.”

The Youth Trustee position helps Meadow Arts to support young people by providing experience and mentoring opportunities. It also allows us to engage with new ideas within our structures and makes sure that our Board is lively and diverse.

Since graduating in Fine Art at Birmingham City University in 2018, Adam has exhibited work at Format Photography Festival, Co-Op(t), Birmingham School of Art, and Leamington Museum & Art Gallery, and is currently a Graduate Artist-in-Residence at Coventry Artspace. Simultaneously, Adam is involved in the Change Maker Programme with The Mighty Creatives, which aims to challenge issues around children’s accessibility within the creative industries.