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Steve Wilson - new Education & Engagement Officer

28th November 2017

We are very pleased to welcome new team member Steve Wilson, former County Arts Officer at Worcestershire County Council, to Meadow Arts as our Education and Engagement Officer.

We asked Steve a few questions, to get to know him better...

Steve Wilson - Education & Engagement Officer, Meadow ArtsWelcome Steve

Hello. Its great to be part of Meadow Arts, an organisation I have admired and have worked with for several years now.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am married with two children and have lived in Worcester for over 9 years. I am London born and have worked professionally in the arts for just under twenty years. I used to be the County Arts Officer for Worcestershire and have also worked for the Arts Council.

Are you an artist?

I would like to think we all are. My specialism is words really and I have written lots of plays and can also direct and if I don’t have to do anything too tricky, I can bluff a performance. But I am interested and love all art forms.

Why Meadow Arts?

They offered me a job! Seriously I really wanted to work for an organisation that I could learn from and to give me an insight into the world we live in. I love that Meadow Arts has an ethos of thinking about arts as something that is always evolving and changing. The arts should be like that. I am really excited about how you work with artists who can be cutting edge and how people relate and respond to that.

Can you explain more?

I remember seeing the Give Me Shelter exhibition by Meadow Arts at Attingham Park soon after I arrived in Worcester and seeing the work of artists such as Heather and Ivan Morison amongst others and it had a real impact on me and made me think about my relation to nature. I love the way art can do that. I remember soon after my father died and I encountered Ron Mueck’s sculpture My Dead Dad and it really connected with me in a very deep and personal way. I found myself openly sobbing as if I had been storing up so much emotion. Art can do that. It rocks!

What are you hoping to do with Meadow Arts?

I want to get more people engaging and learning from what we do and with contemporary art in general. I want to work with kids of all ages and with the wider public and to demystify what contemporary art is. I also want to connect with artists and have a great and varied offer.