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Mariele Neudecker - Doppelgänger - CANCELLED

22nd August 2017

NEWS UPDATE! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mariele Neudecker has had to cancel her exhibition with Meadow Arts at The Courtyard in Hereford. We are very sad that her work will not be shown and hope to work with her again soon.


Mariele Neudecker


8 Sept – 19 Oct 2017

A Meadow Arts exhibition

The Courtyard Centre for the Arts, Hereford

German born and Bristol based artist Mariele Neudecker’s work will be the subject of a new one-person show at The Courtyard Centre for the Arts this September, curated and produced by Meadow Arts.

As a prelude to this first solo exhibition in Hereford, visitors and passers-by on the banks of the River Wye in the city may have seen her installation of a ship sunk into the ground, A Thousand Ghosts, which was originally commissioned by Meadow Arts for an exhibition at National Trust’s Croft Castle & Parkland, before moving to its current site. More of Neudecker’s work has also been installed within The Courtyard’s Foyer this year.

Mariele Neudecker’s two coniferous trees, which are at once life-like and obviously artificial, titled Doppelgänger [1&2], will be exhibited in the Courtyard’s upper gallery space. The life-size cast trees appear clearly cut away from the forest-floor so that, from roots to crowns, they are reframed in a new context, within the architecture of the gallery. These are domesticated trees and through their deliberately harsh cropping, Neudecker aims to expose our own limited perception of the world.

Other works in the exhibition include a film with a horizontal panning shot of a giant squid, as it lies in its preservation liquid in the 10-metre long tank in the basement of the Natural History Museum in London.

The works shown in the gallery space all explore the theme of doubles: the title of the show is from the German word Doppelgänger, “an apparition or double of a living person” and is often used in popular culture to eerie effect.

Mariele Neudecker uses a wide range of media to investigate the way we metaphorically interpret representations of landscape and the world around us. She looks at cultural constructs of natural and technological worlds and probes notions of a ‘Contemporary Sublime’. Neudecker is an internationally renowned artist, who has had solo exhibitions at Tate Britain, IKON Gallery Birmingham and around the globe - most recently at the Zeppelin Museum in Germany.