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Artist's Research Residency at Harp Cottage: result announced

24th November 2016

Meadow Arts is working with artist, and owner of Harp Cottage, Justine Cook to provide an opportunity for an artist to stay near the Welsh border, to allow time for artistic reflection in a rural setting.

The pace of modern life can make it difficult to find the time to think: something that is vital to an artist's practice. Justine Cook, who owns the cottage, says, “Time away from the everyday can help us to clarify the muddle.  Through Harp Cottage I could see a way of helping other artists to achieve this by providing the space and time to nurture thought.” 

View from Harp Cottage

View from Harp Cottage

Rob Hewitt of Redhawk Logistica was chosen from residency applications by Cook and the Meadow Arts curators. Redhawk Logistica was established in 2008 by Rob Hewitt as, "a collaborative vehicle to create cultural products and experiences that challenge notions of public ownership, authenticity and freedom of expression. Most of our work is made to be experienced in public spaces and designed to be seen as part of a city's street culture."

 By Redhawk Logistica & Luke Perry

Image: Goods In (Stop the Clock) by Redhawk Logistica and Luke Perry, 20 engine crates re-arranged over three days in Longbridge town centre and presented at Longbridge Light Festival (Birmingham, 2014)

Artists working and living in an urban context were given priority in the selection process, as we have an interest in the exchange of ideas between the rural and urban. Our exhibitions often feature artists whose work is not usually shown in a rural context, bringing art to areas where it is not usually seen and also giving the artists fresh opportunities to expand their ways of working. The new residency is a chance to test other ways of working with and supporting artists.

Rob Hewitt will be providing an insight into his artistic process as the project progresses, so look out for blogs from him in the new year.