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Harp Cottage Diary - Part 4

9th March 2017

The first Harp Cottage Residency took place in January 2017: Meadow Arts and artist Justine Cook provided an opportunity for an artist to stay in a cottage near the Welsh border, to allow time for artistic reflection in a rural setting.  We will follow the selected artist's practice over the next twelve months to discover what impact the residency has on their work and ideas over time.

Rob Hewitt of Redhawk Logistica shares his diary from the Harp Cottage Residency in a series of entries spanning the week of the residency.

Thursday 19th Jan 2017

A fallen tree lies on its side, several feet away from its split base

Dutifully went outside today, me and a blackbird who was sitting on top of the hedge at the back of the cottage, waiting to hear the siren that preceded the blast. 12.55 came and went. Nothing happened. It's weird when you are expecting a big bang and you just get peace...

It's bit misty but clearer than usual so decided to go for a walk, and taking no chances got in the car and drove to Gladestry to pick up a section of Offa's Dyke that heads towards Kington. Saw my first snowdrops of the year in the hedgerow on the way up, delicate little things. It went cold and milky when I got up there - so the views I'd hoped to get back to Old Radnor were denied. But it had a stillness and scale that felt like a proper wild landscape. Sat down by a round pond near the top and later crossed an unexpected grass racecourse on the moors that must have been a sight to see when it was active. Eventually I turned around and followed a route back along the field boundaries at a lower level. Huge areas of seedy grass were loaded with moisture droplets and as the light faded I rejoined the start of my walk... with views across the valley at last. Quite a good tramp!

Flash photograph reveals dew covered cobwebs amongst the grass

Later that night I stepped out of the back door of the cottage to be greeted by a sky full of stars for the first time since I'd been here. Sat out for a while enjoying the wonder, with a blanket on my knees - it really was an incredible sight, seeing more and more stars the longer you looked - and not only that but I saw a shooting star momentarily dart across a corner of the sky. On going to bed I leant out of the window to get another look at this wondrous night sky and a bright half moon (the Last Quarter Moon) appeared from behind the clouds, alternating several times between bright light and dim as the clouds moved across it. It lit up my star gazing chair in the middle of the lawn with silvery moonlight - magical.

The earth dips in gentle undulations