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From Buenos Aires to Telford

14th December 2020

In autumn 2020, Meadow Arts recruited new artists to join our Creative Practioner network. We were keen to include people with different backgrounds and experiences who could deliver some of our workshops and education work in community groups and schools. One of our new artists is Agustina, who has moved across continents to live in the UK. Here she talks about her wealth of arts education experience...

"My name is Agustina Meola and I am an Arts Education professional from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I specialize in the development of outreach and learning programs for the community. Let me share with you a little bit of my history.

A smiling woman with a mass of curly black hair, with yellow flowers in it

In 2014 I received my degree as an Arts Professor and almost simultaneously, I started working for the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires as a Senior Educator. In 2017, I was promoted as the School and Institutions Coordinator. Under my management stands out the creation of different educational programs such as the Professional Practices Program, The Museum Goes to School and the Teacher Training Program. From the beginning, these projects sought to strengthen and enhance the educational bonds that the museum establishes with its different communities, and to this day, they continue to be part of the agenda of the Museum's Education Department.

A group of children gather around a female artist, watching her hands

When I applied to the role of Creative Practitioner at Meadow Arts, one of the first things that excited me was seeing the wide range of actions dedicated to schools, institutions and communities that are designed around the exhibits. This made me feel very identified. Also, I imagined how gratifying it would be to be able to connect with the network of professionals in the area and join forces to develop creative projects for the community.

In the artistic field, I like to consider myself as a Researcher - Visual Artist, since I practice a dynamic relationship between reflection and creative practice. I like to work on ideas and concepts inserted in their context, their time and space. I believe that the practice of art requires autonomy. It sets in motion rich processes of exploration and experimentation. It encourages us to formulate questions and hypotheses. It puts decision making into play and builds meaning.

A group of women sit at a very long table, listening to a woman with dark curly hair and a green jumper

I believe in the power of conceiving art and education as equivalent. At the end of 2019, the publisher Novedades Educativas publishes the book "Spaces, territories and learning environments" in which I participate with my chapter called "E = A" (education = art). The writing of this chapter was a creative exercise that allowed me to capture many of the strategies that I have been carrying out as a visual artist who is dedicated to creating engagement projects.

A woman with dark curly hair sits on the floor, pointing at drawings and text on circular paper sheets on the wall. A group of children watch her.

In my opinion, arts stands for a language, they are not just crafts. The artistic manifestations speak of us as a society. They build our culture. If we leave the Arts aside, we will be postponing conceptualization, questioning and imagination. In this context I believe that, as Creative Practitioners, we have a key role in planning visual thinking strategies to contribute to the education of active citizens within a culture that acknowledges the past, builds its present and can vision the future."