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Nathan Tromans - Untitled, Coalbrookdale, 2014

From the project Unveiling the Gorge. Courtesy the artist.

Nathan Tromans - The Trail of Thomas Love

An evening of songs and projections performed at Ironbridge Museums

Nathan Tromans

Nathan Tromans is a musician and photographer, drawing inspiration for his artwork from the area in which he lives now, and his ancestors before him lived; Coalbrookdale in Shropshire.

Tromans' work is a unique exploration of a landscape and narrative that has had a profound effect on the lives of almost everyone in Great Britain. Coalbrookdale was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution and its significance has been highlighted in many books and papers; but what Tromans' work provides us with is a very personal interpretation of this historically and archaeologically important place through his music and photographs.