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John Davies - Viaduct, Stockport, 1986

Silver Bromide Print Courtesy the Artist and British Council Collection. Copyright Todd White.

John Davies

John Davies is one of today's most outstanding British photographers, he became famous through his research on the English industrial landscape, observed in vast and detailed views. Davies' images attempt to question our acceptance and perception of the inevitable consequences of living within a post-industrial landscape.

Generally Davies work shows not an idealised countryside but a middle state, both rural and urban, constantly reinvented by trends in industry, agriculture and construction - each view in itself is a fabrication. As Davies said, ‘I've always thought it important to make beautiful pictures that draw people in, so I decided to use a romantic style - or, rather, to take romantic pictures in unromantic places'.

John Davies was born in County Durham, England, his formative years were spent living in both coal mining and farming communities. He studied photography in Nottingham and after graduating in 1974 he became fascinated by the rural landscape during his visits to the west coast of Ireland. In 1981 he won a one year Research Fellowship at Sheffield School of Art and it was during this year he started to document the urbanised landscape.

His photographs have been widely exhibited, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Pompidou Centre, Paris, the Royal Academy of Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.