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Holly Davey

Holly Davey is a lens-based artist working with ideas around performance, architecture and memory. She is passionate and curious about the relationship between the memories of a space and actual recorded and archival documentation of the same space.

Davey's process means that she works closely with social history, community and archival collections - mostly online and library based. This way of working has developed through a series of recent commissions such as When I am no longer a memory, not even a name a commission by Netwerk, Belgium: We Speak Everywhere a commission by LOCWS International, Swansea, which resulted in a large billboard sized image and a ceremonial dove release to celebrate the history of Swansea Castle; and most recently They could never quench the fire of his enthusiasm, a sculptural work that tackles the cross cultural meaning of a white feather.

As well as these recent commissions and works, Davey was given a Stwidio Safle Award to explore an old 1920s bank in Cardiff Bay; Whatever happened to them all, a Meadow Arts commission at Croft Castle where Davey created a fictional tour of the demolished servants wing; and The Glittering, a film commission by National Theatre Wales, that explored the history of Barmouth laundry days: you can view The Glittering here.