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Old Game Birds

Old Game Birds

Bird on the Shelf

Two Birds Hanging

Cut paper, glass, wood, paint

Picture Gallery

Courtesy the Artist

Tom Gallant has mastered the traditional Japanese craft of kirigami and produces elaborate works from cut paper. Taking his influence from the traditional still lives in the Picture Gallery he has created these works from old magazines. Using multiple layers of paper he has managed to give a real sense of the feathers.

The false perspective in his work creates an illusion of a third dimension, which relates to the 'trompe-l'oeil' effect in the Entrance Hall.

Tom Gallant

Tom Gallant uses paper-cutting techniques in his works, which simultaneously conceal and reveal the magazine image source materials. Utilising the ancient far-Eastern techniques of Kirigami and Origami, Tom Gallant works with collage to explore the reduction and reassembly of images, creating elegant formations which reference both art and social histories.

Tom Gallant's work has been exhibited extensively worldwide. Recent solo exhibitions include Two Arcs That Curve in Opposite Senses, at DCKT Contemporary, New York in 2009 and at Four All Saints, London in 2011. Tom Gallant's work has appeared in group exhibitions in London, Berlin, Milan and New York, amongst other places. Tom's work is included in many major international collections. He is based in London.