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The Custodians

The Custodians

Oil on canvas, Meadow Arts Commission 2012-13 

Oak Room & Portrait Gallery

In response to Croft's renowned collection of portraits, Raabe has chosen to look at the reality of the Castle today. She has focused on the people who care for the place on a day-to-day basis: the staff and volunteers - the current Custodians of Croft. 

She created a series of portraits during her 2012 artist's residency. These involved multiple sittings, which took place in public.  As part of the continuum of history, the finished portraits now hang alongside the Croft family ancestral portraits. Questioning the conventions of displaying paintings, Raabe, who is disabled, has chosen to hang small portraits below the ancestral paintings at a comfortable eye level for wheelchair users.

Tanya Raabe

Shropshire based artist Raabe has been creating installations and portraits for over twenty-five years and has exhibited her work nationally, including at the National Portrait Gallery. Tanya recently finished a series of portraits of high profile cultural figures that were created during live portrait sittings in Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.