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Plastic, steel rods

Commissioned for Flow, Donkleywood nr. Kielder Water, by Art Circuit, 2007

Susan Grant work, Dispossession, echoes the memory of the succession of lost communities such as those razed to make way for Humphry Repton’s grand design of Attingham’s parkland, which included the diversion of roads and the River Tern. The work addresses the shift from an agricultural and industrial to leisure-driven land-use. The shape of the work was inspired by a hand-painted map in Repton’s Red Book for Attingham showing the original river course. Using tiny house-shaped forms that reference the game of Monopoly, this work reflects Susan’s interest in the symbols of Pop Art and propaganda. The use of red references the political associations of power and revolution and the polarised views that such developments can encourage.

Susan Grant

Susan Grant’s work is concerned with contemporary society and the visible presence of social change as reflected through architecture and landscape. In particular, how intensive examples of community exist and evolve and the forces that change them. Artworks often relate to the original purpose of a space and are made using a range of media, with an emphasis on site-specific sound/sculptural installation and photography. Susan recently completed an international Triangle Arts Workshop on the Orkney Isles and undertook a major public commission for Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. She was awarded a Scottish Arts Council Artists Award and in late 2008 undertook a Natural and Cultural International Residency in Tasmania. She is currently based in Edinburgh.