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Sound Books

Sound Books

Installation, 2015


Courtesy the Artists

This immersive installation explores the preciousness of books as objects and the way this most intimate and familiar object engages the senses. The tactile nature of books creates a sensual response that is denied in digital equivalents: e-books and readers move away from  the physicality of these beautiful objects, they take away the sounds, the smells and the textures that trigger memory and emotion. Made up mostly of dictionaries (the 'beginning of knowledge'), this work asks us to think about the qualities of books, beyond the information that is contained within them.

 "Crack the spine

Strum the pages.

Play the fragments of memories"

Sterly & Snell

Both artists live on the Welsh/English border and each reference the rural in their work, but with different outcomes. Amy Sterly is a printmaker and sculptor, while Thom Snell is a video artist and musician.  They are working together to exchange ideas and skills to create something new to both of them.

'Sound Books' has previously been shown Oriel Davies, Newtown and Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan.