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Donor Rock 1

A poetic, yet informative look at the making of Alastair Mackie's new artwork for Hardwick Hall, Epitaph, Sophie Molins' artist's film offers an interpretation on how the piece was made and the artist's ideas behind it.

More about Alastair Mackie's artwork, Epitaph.

Sophie Molins

Sophie Molins is an artist and photographer who has lived and worked in the UK, US and parts of South America. She trained at Chelsea, Derby and Central St Martins. She has exhibited widely here and abroad, worked on independent films, made films and published her work widely. Her photographs have won awards from the British Council, The New York Times, Westminster Arts and the South Bank Photography Competition.

She is currently a freelance photographer and senior photography lecturer at Roehampton University. Other Sophie Molins websites include photomo for Stills Photography and the supplementary artist sites deepdowndarkhorse and dontforgetthemonkey.

Meadow Arts commissioned Sophie Molins to make a digital artwork for the house of Beasts exhibition in 2011. A Sundial in Moonlight can be viewed online: please click here.

See more of Sophie Molins work on her website