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Peacock Manali Melnikov I


Manali Melnikov I

Meadow Arts Commissions 2013

Shezad Dawood has created two new 'textile paintings' in response to Kedleston. He has always been interested in the work of Robert Adam, and how architecture creates a set of influences all of its own. He was struck by the octagonal compartments of the Saloon dome, making a link from this to his own research on the Melnikov house in Moscow (a key constructivist landmark), where the same shapes are found in different contexts.  Manali Melnikov now hangs above a painting of Kedleston, Adam's architectural masterpiece.

Dawood was further inspired by Lady Curzon's famous Peacock Dress, worn by her at the Delhi Darbar in 1903: Dawood played with the pattern in one of his paintings, which use vintage textiles as their basis. His textiles, like the dress, encode a narrative of how they were made and how they arrived at Kedleston.       

Shezad Dawood

Shezad Dawood's work explores the multiple possibilities engendered by the play between cultures, histories and fictions. Notions of authorship and representation are deconstructed by working with a steady stream of collaborators mapping cross cultural influences and trajectories.

Working through film, video and painting Dawood questions the performative process of image making and dissemination, moving through various points of identification and visual systems such as science fiction and the occult.    

Dawood's most recent solo exhibition has toured Modern Art Oxford, Newlyn Art Gallery and The Exchange, Penzance and Norway.  In 2013 he curated an important exhibition at the Devi Art Foundation, Delhi.



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