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Rosa Nguyen - Lost Flowers Summer Garden (2017)

Glazed porcelain & stoneware, 2017. Courtesy the artist.

Rosa Nguyen - Planetary Garden: Sunlight, Moonlight

Tableau studio work. Mixed media, 2018. Courtesy the artist.

Rosa Nguyen - Lost Flowers Summer Garden

Photograph Stefan Handy

Rosa Nguyen - Lost Flowers Summer Garden (2018)

Glazed porcelain & stoneware, 2018. Courtesy the artist.

Lost Flowers - Summer Garden 2016 -2017

Botanical material, glazed porcelain. Courtesy the artist.

Motivated by her craving to be present in the vegetal world, Rosa Nguyen works directly with both living and dried plant material, which she assembles and manipulates by casting and modelling. The resulting works both represent and embody themselves. In the final work, the plant material is sacrificed during the firing process but is also given new life; the white porcelain is now a vessel that is imbued with both fragility and permanence; it holds the image and the contours of a secret vanished garden. Rosa Nguyen is fascinated by alchemy and its associations with porcelain, but she is also inspired by more discrete arts such as gardening and Japanese flower arranging.

Rosa Nguyen

Rosa Nguyen explores natural elements and organic forms with a fusion of western and Oriental sensibilities. Innovative and timeless, Rosa’s work evokes a contemplative aesthetic and a deep-rooted spiritual connection with nature. “During the last 15 years, my art practice has focused on making holistic connections with nature using clay and botanical form. For me, plants and porcelain are powerful transformative mediums. In both the raw and fired state they have the power to heal, remember and transcend.