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Croft Shrine

Croft Shrine

Temporary installation, found objects.
Meadow Arts commission (2015)

Croft Shrine marks the beginning of a collaborative art project, A Shrine to Our Precious Things, where Farkas installs a temporary sculptural installation at Croft for two nights only, referencing the human need to make shrines, witnessed in religions both old and new, from ancient paganism to the present day, and even extending to the flowers and candles often left at the scene of someone's death.

At each live event, Farkas asks visitors to light a candle for Croft and invites each person to think of an object that they treasure, then to photograph or describe it and submit it to the online artwork A Shrine to Our Precious Things. Anyone can take part in the project, by submitting an image of an object they hold dear.

Rebecca Farkas

Rebecca Farkas uses light to transform the most prosaic of materials into images of artificial beauty, exploring the duality between what is seen and how the image was created. Farkas investigates colour, light and material through photography, video and installation art, transforming spaces and finding new ways of seeing the everyday.

During her artist's residency at Croft the public had a chance to witness how Farkas achieves these transformations and to follow the process used in the making of the work; at once technically complex and deceptively simple.

Farkas grew up on a range of travelling circuses and settled in Herefordshire in 2005, before attaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. The circus has had a huge influence on her artistic practice and explains her attraction to light, colour and the power of transformation.