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Standing Dogs

Standing Dogs

Pencil and watercolour on paper

Courtesy Tim Blanks

Rachel Goodyear's intricate and compelling drawings, operate in an imagined dream-like world. She examines the role that animals play in our imaginations and the rich associations that they hold for us.

With exquisite attention to detail, her work could be natural science illustrations. Indeed the characters that populate her work are acutely observed and strangely familiar - the pipistrelle bats breeding at Attingham, the common crow or the Berwicks' pet dogs - and yet there is something curious and unsettling in the way they are presented.

Rachel Goodyear

Rachel Goodyear uses familiar yet incongruous images in her drawings, creating a peculiar sense of narrative which itself can spill out and intermingle with the other drawings or the space around them. She is interested in unlikely relationships between things, and her ideas can be kindled by the smallest of stimuli, as much as the grandest of events.

Rachel Goodyear completed her BA (Hons) Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2000, and now practices art in Manchester. She has exhibited regularly in the UK and abroad, including Athens, Copenhagen, Manchester, London and New York, all in 2009, and China in 2010. A book of her drawings has been published, entitled Cats, Cold, Hunger and the Hostility of Birds. She has been a guest co-curator for Thermo 03 and Thermo 04 for The Lowry Centre, Salford and a co-director of Floating IP gallery, Manchester.