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The Collector

The Collector

Taxidermy sparrow hawk, fibreglass, upholstery materials, fabric

Silver Vaults

Courtesy the Artist

The Collector is a still but disquieting presence standing in one of the glass cases of the Silver Vaults. At first glance he could be part of this extravagant and almost overblown collection of ambassadorial silver brought back from the 3rd Lord Berwick's travels.

Still recognisable as half sparrow-hawk, half man, the upholstered hybrid seems all buttoned up, booted and suited; he could be the collector himself, guarding his treasure. Or is he a thief preying on the glittering loot?

Nina Saunders

Nina Saunders takes familiar domestic objects and subverts their form. They sometimes appear to be melting slowly, or pooling on the floor. The effect is often a little surreal and a touch absurd, yet there is still a contemplative air about the work: it brings a smile to the viewer, but also stimulates new thoughts and ideas.

Recent solo exhibitions include Fuori Salone (Salon del Mobile) in Milan and Katy's Convoy, an exhibition that toured Denmark and the UK. Her work has appeared in numerous group exhibitions across Europe and is held in a variety of prestigious private collections.