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H.2.N.Y. Kinetic Apparition, 2006

H.2.N.Y. Kinetic Apparition, 2006

Glue, gouache, on paper

H.2.N.Y. Gadget to end all Gadgets, burns out, New York Journal, 2006

Oilstick on paper
Both works courtesy the Artist and Thomas Dane Gallery, London

H.2.N.Y is a series that documents Landy's fascination with the swiss- artist Jean Tinguely and in particular his best-known work, a vast self-destroying kinetic sculpture titled Homage to New York (1960), which only partially self-destructed at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City. These two images capture the explosive chaos of the machine's breakdown, with motion and change being central to the works. They explore the relationship between people, machine and technological process in post-industrial society.

Michael Landy

Michael Landy's conceptually and politically charged work varies from epic performances to meticulous drawings and collages. It often involves finding new potential for objects with specific personal or cultural connotations. From his early investigation of the rhythms of market stall displays in the 1990s, to his monumental installation Break Down in 2001, in which he systematically destroyed all of his possessions in a former department store, his work explores the everyday ways in which capitalism shapes our lives and identities.

Michael Landy's father, a former tunnel miner, was incapacitated by an industrial accident over twenty-five years ago. Much of his work is born out of his reaction to his father's accident and examines how our identity is wrapped up in our work. Through sculpture, video and sound Landy discusses representations of labour and invokes broader questions of value and usefulness, employment and purpose.

Born in London in 1963, Landy studied at Goldsmiths alongside other Young British Artists (YBAs). In 1988 he exhibited in the seminal exhibition, Freeze, organized by Damien Hirst. In 1997 his work was included in the controversial exhibition, Sensation, at the Royal Academy of Art. Recent projects and exhibitions include: Michael Landy: Four Walls, Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, UK, 2013; Acts of Kindness, Art on the Underground, London, UK; Art World Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK, both 2011; and Art Bin, South London Gallery, London, UK, 2010, where artists were invited to throw their failed works into a huge skip.