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Red fox


Courtesy Kate MacGarry, Workplace Gallery & Movement

Marcus Coates’ work attempts to mediate between the human and animal realms, rejecting the idea of humans being at the centre of the world, as a privileged species of the highest status. He aspires to and seeks transformational states, where one being becomes another. He focuses on the animalistic aspects of human nature.

These works are early examinations of this process. They explore humanness in a rural environment, more densely inhabited by wild creatures than by people.

These images are two in a series of early works. Coates crouches on all fours dressed head to toe in red to become a fox in a Worcestershire field. Perched precariously high in a distant tree, he becomes a rare bird; the Goshawk.

Works shown in partnership with Movement, Worcester.

Marcus Coates

Marcus Coates' work deals with transformational states: he often dresses as animals in order to experience something of their lives, but this serves to also expose the absurdity of the situation: a human as animal. Coates delves into ideas of the Shaman and has used the mimicry of animal sounds, as well as their images, in his works.

Marcus Coates recent solo performances have occured at the Barbican Art Gallery and The Hayward Gallery, London. Selected solo exhibitions include: Cycle Parking and Prostitution, Rokord, Norway (2007); Whitechapel Laboratory - Marcus Coates, Whitechapel Art Gallery (2007); Dawn Chorus, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art (2007); Marcus Coates, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway and his work has appeared in numerous worldwide group exhibitions.