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Leonora Lockhart - Under Story


Leonora Lockhart - Under Story

Photograph Stefan Handy

Under Story

Porcelain, 2018. Courtesy the artist.

Emerging artist Leonora Lockhart has devised and carried out a sophisticated manipulation of mismatched domestic porcelain pieces, bought at a charity shop. Through remaking the series of objects she stripped the once prized pieces of both colour and pattern, only reapplying white on white fragments of the decorations that once gave the pieces their identity and value through the work of highly skilled workers. They become ghosts of their previous unknown narratives.

Their 'Understories' are the untold narratives, forgotten domestic voices, usually deemed uninteresting. Lockhart says, "To me, the value comes from the memories collected within a form, more so than the financial worth placed upon it."

Leonora Lockhart

Leonora Lockhart is an emerging artist, who looks at objects and narrative within her practice. She says, "I am interested in the appropriation of heritage or at least existing objects and the connotations that they hold within them. I am clearly absorbed in the concept of narratives, and more specifically, untold or hidden narratives, forgotten voices, domestic structures deemed uninteresting. Additionally, I am drawn to the ideas and methods of production and manufacturing, perhaps because they go hand-in-hand with the making of everyday objects used around us, by normal people with their unnoticed histories. My current project pulls together many of these concepts and looks at the notion of value."