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Espaliered Girl

Espaliered Girl

Jesmonite, 2007
Courtesy of the artist and Houldsworth Gallery

Espaliered girl is a hybrid being, part child and part tree, her arms reaching out to the side as if some imaginary ties were training and shaping her like a fruit tree. Blending with her environment and not demanding too much space, she seems cruelly tamed and trapped

Laura Ford’s work is usually a mixture of humour, melancholy and darkness. Inspired by surrealism, she is interested in ambiguities and in the implications of looking and being looked at, which involve pleasure as well as possible threat and fear of invasion.

Standing guard near the entrance to the walled garden, Espaliered Girl might be warning us off, or enticing us into, a magical and macabre world of fairy tale.

Laura Ford

Laura Ford was born in Cardiff, Wales. Following studies at the Bath Academy of Art and Chelsea School of Art, London she spent a year travelling and lecturing in India. She has had recent shows in London, Edinburgh, as well as in Germany and Sweden. Laura Ford represented Wales at the Venice Bieniale in 2005.