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A text statement introduces AuTCRONE in a computer font on a graduated green background

...kruse - AuTCRONE statement

AuTCRONE, a being from the future, part cyborg, part witch

A text statement introduces AuTCRONE in a computer font on a graduated green background

un _ being

Wood, metal and printed plastic sheeting

Meadow Arts commission 2021

The striking structure of the grotto is turned into a hermitage, in accordance with the picturesque tradition. It symbolically acts as a portal to the work of Birmingham- based artist ...kruse.

...kruse is fascinated by the status of the hermit, which she sees as a very positive role, and would happily be a hermit herself. She enjoys solitude but, like other neurodiverse people, has to deal with the negative aspects of being isolated in society. Prior to the exhibition ...kruse embarked on a week-long silent retreat, becoming deeply engaged with the landscape. Walking alone and unspeaking, she aimed to access the essence of the valley, to connect to and write the stories of the lost, silent and isolated beings at Fishpool Valley; she uncovers the voices of the voiceless before they return to the emptiness from where they came. Back into the ultimate loneliness of un_being.

....kruse collaborates with AuTCRONE, a semi-fictional cyborg from the future. AuTCRONE’s mission is to save humanity from the worst effects of uncontrolled climate crisis. Separated from society, she walks the land, sending messages through time, urging us to change how we live. AuTCRONE and ...kruse walk together yet are separated in time. Inside the hermitage, visitors are given a key to access the writings and recordings of ...kruse.

Click below or here to visit un_being - ...kruse's online artwork for All Alone.

Visit an online artwork by ...kruse


...kruse is a visual artist, writer and neurodiversity advocate based in Birmingham whose practice crosses boundaries into storytelling, performance and phenomenological research.

She has exhibited and participated in projects across the West Midlands, Oxford, London, Manchester and Hida Takayama, Japan. Recent commissions include a text published to mark Artists Newsletter's (a-n) 40th anniversary, published in December 2020 in collaboration with Black Hole Club, and a New Art West Midlands, Engine Micro Bursary, to write a response to the Covid lockdown titled How To Be A Hermit.

…kruse is a current artist fellow at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) and is active in supporting their neurodivergent programme.   

Instagram/Twitter @___kruse