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Jasleen Kaur - Cairns

Commissioned by Baltic39 | Figure Three, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art 2017.

Jasleen Kaur - Cairns

Commissioned by Baltic39 | Figure Three, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art 2017.


Commissioned by Baltic39 | Figure Three, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art 2017

A series of three touch lamps constructed from an assemblage of found rubble, bricks, chrome plated components and artificial rock

Jasleen Kaur is intrigued by the capacity of objects and materials to hold cultural and social meaning. Through usage and everyday routines, objects and materials can reveal the nature of national customs and groups of people. This allows her as an artist to transform and invent new objects that can then hold new meanings and reflect concepts such as cultural intermixing. A Scottish Indian artist now based in London, Jasleen was brought up in a traditional Sikh household in Glasgow. She is interested in reflecting this dynamic cultural mix, which is the reality of contemporary Britain.

Cairns is a series of sculptures influenced by the actions of her father, who for 30 days ritualistically prepared a joth (ghee candle) and placed it on a derelict plot of land by their house within a shelter of bricks and tiles. Her family was advised by a Sikh saint to light the joth at sundown for thirty days to ward off negative energies.

This project is explicitly personal to Kaur, and explores the disparity between Indian and Western rationale through an object that expresses a confluence between two cultural ideas: values and aesthetics. In itself the landscape is commonly regarded to be a synthesis of two similar ideas: spirituality and beauty.

Jasleen Kaur

Jasleen Kaur (b.1986) is a Scottish Indian artist based in London. Brought up in a traditional Sikh household in Glasgow, her work is an ongoing exploration into the malleability of culture and the layering of social histories within materials and objects. Refashioned objects are often based on instinct and resourcefulness, reflecting a hybridity of national custom and reconsidering the realities of materiality, usage and everyday routine.

Jasleen works across the UK and internationally with recent commissions including the Victoria & Albert Museum, Goethe Institute, Baltic 39 Figure Three and Art on the Underground. Her work is part of the permanent collection of the Royal College of Art and Crafts Council.

Recent commissions and projects include ‘Houses Are Really Bodies: The Writing of Leonora Carrington’, Cubitt Gallery, London (2017); ’Fugazi’, Division of Labour, London (2017); ‘Fountain 17’, Hull City of Culture (2017); 'Production Show, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2017); ‘Collecting Europe’ Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2017); ‘Objects of Transcendence’ Watermans, London, (2017); ‘The Tending of Something’ Solo Show with FCA&C, St Andrews (2016); 'Crafting the Line' Art on the Underground, London (2016); ‘The Thing With Maltasingh’ Gallery SO, London (2016); ‘Floor, Wall, Garage, Magazine Rack’ Solo Show, Hantverk & Found, Margate (2016); ‘100 for 100’ Ben Uri: Past, Present & Future, Christie’s, London (2016); ‘Jasleen Kaur at my mum's house’ Sunridge Avenue Projects, Luton, London (2016); ‘Unexpected’ Ben Uri Gallery, London (2016); ‘Baltic39 Figure Three’ Baltic 39, Newcastle (2016); ‘Jerwood Makers Open 2015’, Jerwood Space, London (2015); ‘Migrations’ KANEKO Centre, Nebraska, NCAD Gallery, Dublin, ADspace, Sydney (2015). She is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art (2008) and Royal College of Art (2010).