Souvenir of England

Souvenir of England

Meadow Gallery commission (2007)

Since they were first made in 1898 to commemorate the building of the Eiffel tower, Snow globes, have been used as mementos to encapsulate key landmarks. They have become the quintessential souvenir object, now slightly outdated and nostalgic themselves. Shaking them brings the scene to life for a brief and artificial moment of suspended disbelief. This  dome is a memento to the English orchard which is fast becoming an endangered species. The apple tree in the globe died back in a commercial orchard, its contorted shape the result of specific pruning. Kite’s orchard, where the dome stands, has been replanted recently with old varieties of pear trees to try to revive or preserve this feature which has come to embody a bygone era. Our attachment to such features raises questions about nostalgia and sentimentality.

Jane Prophet

Jane Prophet was born in Birmingham in 1964 but works and lives in London. Her work includes large-scale installations (Conductor, Wapping Art; The Landscape Room, Norwich; Decoy, Blickling Hall), digital prints and objects. Her art reflects her interest in science, technology and landscape.

Prophet works across disciplines on a number of internationally acclaimed projects that have broken new ground in art, technology and science. She is currently a NESTA Dream Time Fellow, spending a year developing her interdisciplinary collaborations. She was until recently Professor of Visual Art and New Media and Co-Director of the Centre for Arts Research, Technology and Education at the University of Westminster.