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The Feral Sphere

The Feral Sphere

Fibreglass, fabric, glue, acrylic paint

Courtesy the Frank Cohen Colection


Jagannath Panda's Feral Sphere is resplendent in the domed-Saloon of Kedleston Hall, appearing as a decorative object of pleasure. However the map like veins and crawling insects seem to offer up an Indian worldview that is in flux and struggling with contradictions.

Through his art, Jagannath Panda aims to resolve many of our most fundamental contradictions, such as the dichotomies of Nature/Culture, Urban/Rural and Traditional/Contemporary. The hybridized surface treatment in his work corresponds with many of the themes he explores, focusing on moments, locations and icons that are in a state of flux, caught between opposites. Panda's mix of myths and reality points to the disoriented nature of Indian identity today.

Jagannath Panda

Delhi-based artist Jagannath Panda studied sculpture in India, Japan and London. He has shown his work internationally, with solo shows in galleries in San Francisco, Delhi, Berlin, London and Mumbai.

Panda's work has been included in a number of important group shows, including the Indian Highway exhibition in Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing, Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art and MAXXI Museum, Rome

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