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Modern Farm Animals

Modern Farm Animals

Etching box set

West Ante Room

Courtesy All Visual Arts, London


These etchings appear to be archival records of common farm animals, many of which can be found on the Attingham Estate. However, closer examination reveals amusing anomalies, such as the pig's glowing nose, and humorous references such as to 'Dolly the Sheep'.

The 5th Lord Berwick created model farms, using the latest techniques of his time. In these etchings Wilson is questioning the modern progress of farming and the practice of genetic modification.

Hugo Wilson

Hugo Wilson's work examines systems of order and explores ideas surrounding genetics and religion. He incorporates a sense of mischief and subversion into his presentations of scientific experiments or recordings onto defunct technological media. He often borrows from the aesthetics of the Victorian era, as well as obsolete handmade crafts, in his work. He says, "The loss of wonder and the search for the evidence of hope is of huge importance to me."

From 2000-4 Wilson received classical training in fine art at the renowned Charles H. Cecil Studio in Florence, Italy. He went on to study at City and Guilds in London, where he received his MA in 2008. His work has recently been exhibited in Milan and at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London. Hugo Wilson was born in 1982: he currently lives and works in London