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(Incorruptible) Fawn

(Incorruptible) Fawn


Courtesy the Artist

Fawn references the state known as incorruptibility - a spiritually pure being whose body does not decompose. Henry Krokatsis has cast a dead fawn in an ultra high-quality supple non bio-degradable silicone. This material (used in implants) is calculated to resist degradation for over a thousand years.

This work draws attention to the common occurrence of still-birth in deer herds, an event which mostly goes unnoticed as the dead foetuses generally disappear in a matter of days.

Henry Krokatsis

Henry Krokatsis has used a wide range of mediums in his work: often utilising found and used materials - their past use lending an evocative element to the work. Henry has said, 'this is not art to make sense of the world - it is an act of faith, it's art as a spell.' The finely tuned craftsmanship involved in the making process contrasts with the history of the used-up materials he often works with, but this opposition in the work only serves to make it more poignant. "I want to make objects that oscillate between the destitute and the divine."

Henry Krokatsis completed his MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London. He has had solo exhibitions across the world, including in Brazil, New York and London. Henry's work has been shown at many international galleries, including Gallery Leme, Sao Paulo, 2010; Imoderni, Miami, Nettie Horn, London and David Risley Gallery in Copenhagen, all in 2007. Henry curated the Hayward Gallery's touring exhibition, You'll Never Know, with Jeni Walwin in 2006.