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Fernando Casasempere - Stack 2

Porcelain and stoneware, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Parafin.

Fernando Casasasempere - Tectonic 2 (Grande)

Photograph Stefan Handy

Fernando Casasempere - Tectonic 2 (Grande)

Porcelain and stoneware, 2018

Fernando Casasasempere - Stack 2

Photograph Stefan Handy

Stack 2

Porcelain and stoneware, 2015. Courtesy the artist and Parafin, London.

Defying the expectations of fragility and preciousness often associated with porcelain Casasempere dares to treat it with raw vigour and to stretch its limitations. Artist and medium seem entangled in an intense and intimate collaboration, the energy of the artist meeting that of the clay.

Stack 2 hints to Casasempere’s much larger works that can be read topographically, almost as a document of the landscape. They call into question the relationship between art and the environment, between culture and the earth from which the sculptures are made. Working on a large scale for decades has given Casasempere a licence to stretch porcelain to tectonic limits.

Fernando Casasempere

When Casasempere (b. 1958) moved to London from Chile in 1997, he brought with him over twelve tonnes of his own mixtures of clay, a feat confirming his long-standing obsession with the medium, but also identity and a deep-seated concern for the environment. The Chilean landscape and Pre-Colombian background of the Latin world are ever present in his sculptures.

Casasempere's ceramic forms are often inspired by the effects of machines and mass production on the environment and modern society. Other new sculptures made from ceramic blocks are inspired by both the ruined architecture of Pre-Columbian archaeological sites and the tectonic shifts of vast geological bodies.