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Renault II Walking past a Chettinad Palace Ten Objects or More: Tea

Renault II
Walking past a Chettinad Palace
Ten Objects or More: Tea

Pigments on handmade Sanganeer paper

Courtesy Ben Brown Fine Art


Leeds born artist Desmond Lazaro went to India to explore his own cultural heritage and became captivated with the historic painting traditions of Rajasthan. He mastered miniature painting techniques by studying for twelve years under Jaipur Master Banu Ved Pal Sharma, one of the few living experts on this ancient tradition. His reverence of tradition includes not only the painting technique but extends to the pigments, paper and cloth that he uses in his creative process.

In contrast, his choice of subjects is resolutely contemporary, reflecting on everyday life in India. His imagery is infused with cultural significance, reflecting his experience of a multicultural existence and his quest to find a sense of belonging.

These works on paper are a contemporary take on the miniatures and other small works in Curzon's collection showing exotic scenes and often brought back as souvenirs.

Desmond Lazaro

Having trained as a Picchvai (a form of traditional Indian religious painting) and miniature painter, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Desmond Lazaro's work is rooted in and inspired by, traditional language along with its methods, materials and symbolism. He continues to employ traditional techniques in a craftsman-like manner, through the stringent preparation of all materials: cloth, paper, brushes and pigment colours. However, his imagery is thoroughly contemporary and infused with cultural or historical significance.

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