Surround sound

Meadow Gallery commission (2007)

Dating back to the early 18c “Snob’s” tunnel was designed as a route for the estate worker between their working place and the house. The idea was that they should not be seen by the owners and visitor and ‘spoil’ the perfect vistas. The sound installation Throat is designed in surround-sound to be experienced as an auditory journey while passing through the tunnel. We can hear the voice of an old woman uttering basic phonetic sounds, like a child learning to speak. This collision of an old voice nearing the last breath and the childlike utterances creates a haunting space between silence and words. In this emotional resonance are all the words that might have been spoken by voices now stilled.

Daphne Wright

Born in Ireland, 1963. Lives and works in Bristol. 'Daphne Wright's work plays with the desire we seem to have for an encounter with beauty in art. Much of her work is visually stunning in a relatively conventional sense. Yet what is central to these works is that on both the macro and micro scale - the distanced and the intimate - Wright willfully undermines this promise of pleasure.'

Daphne Wright's work is the subject of a solo exhibition at Arnolfini in Bristol in 2016, other selected solo exhibitions include those at Limerick City Gallery of Art, Ireland and Frith Street Gallery, London. Wright has been involved in several important international group exhibitions, notably at PS1, New York; Albright Knox Museum, Buffalo; Crawford Art Gallery, Cork; Hauser & Wirth Somerset and at the ICA, Boston.