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Christina Mackie - The Large Huts

Polystyrene, steel and cement. Commissioned by Tate Britain (2007)

Christina Mackie - The Large Huts

Polystyrene, steel and cement. Commissioned by Tate Britain (2007)

The Large Huts

Polystyrene, Steel and Cement

Commissioned by Tate Britain (2007)

Courtesy of the artist and the New Art Centre, Roche Court

The Large Huts, references displaced communities and contested territories. During an artist residency in Pakistan, Christina Mackie was inspired by the sand-cast concrete sun shelters that punctuate the infamous Gadani Beach in Baluchistan. Once a popular tourist destination the area has suffered the dramatic effects of the decline of the local ship-breaking industry.  In this post-industrial landscape, at the heart of a troubled region populated by displaced communities and vagrant migrant workers, the elemental shapes of the shelters moved the artist to make small sculptures with grey clay from the Indus Valley. The large structures standing in the paddock at Attingham are scaled-up twenty times; the enormous clod-like mounds attached to their bases suggest that they have literally been pulled from the ground.

Christina Mackie

Christina Mackie’s sculptural installations weave an intricate web of associations between their diverse physical components, which comprise natural, man-made and crafted elements. Holding an inherent respect for her materials and an intuitive understanding of the way things work, Mackie’s creative processes are often directed by what something can be made to do. Both personal and complex, her works are imbued with her own experience of the world and her private thought processes.

This year Mackie has had exhibitions in Turin, London and Amsterdam. She recently participated in shows in Pakistan, at Tate Britain and the De la Warr Pavilion, Bexhill as well as the Busan Biennale in Korea.