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Celine Berger - Mission 2012

Glazed ceramics. Courtesy the artist and Division of Labour.

Céline Berger - Mission 2012

Photograph Stefan Handy


Glazed ceramic, 2012

Courtesy the Artist and Division of Labour. Photo: Willem Vermaase.

‘Mission’ is a delicate, porcelain-like Moebius strip with the mission statement, "We continually exceed our customers' increasing expectations". In the highly competitive world of porcelain production, Royal Worcester faced fluctuating fortunes since 1751, when it was founded in the city by a group of fifteen men. The Museum of Royal Worcester’s collections tell a story of taste, art and culture but also the story of a commercial enterprise that needed to constantly renew itself in order to please. Céline Berger’s works are deeply rooted in a fascination for management concepts, methods and discourses: she creates objects, videos and installations that adapt and transform them into the field of art.

Céline Berger

Céline Berger is a French visual artist working and living in Cologne (Germany). She worked for years in a corporate environment and is fascinated by the way we deal with ourselves in work situations. 

Berger's work explores our professional lives, in their daily, unspectacular aspects. Short narratives as texts or spoken language are at the centre of all her projects. She calls her work, "A search for new ways to question our daily working lives, beyond simplifications, irony, moralizing undertone or fatalism”.