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Complicated Boundary

Complicated Boundary

Wood frame, digitally printed fabric

Shropshire-based Carl Jaycock has devised four large pieces for Borderline which stand at the confines of the Gallery. These sculptural forms, inspired by the cross and dash pattern used on maps to signify boundaries are covered with local imagery and views of the Gardens, combined with logos and icons traditionally used on maps. The association of the real, ‘open’ landscape with its mechanical representation and semi-official symbols questions the process by which we come to know, possess and define the land.

Carl Jaycock

Carl Jaycock creates work which encourages viewers to participate in the artwork by drawing them into the 'micro and macro' way that the images are created. In his work, he aims to raise questions about the way images are created and what is presented to the viewer. Jaycock explores the use of images via print processes and computer manipulated media, exploring the complexity of identity and the connections between local and global cultures.