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To Suspend the Breath

To Suspend the Breath

Glass tubing, red neon
Courtesy of the artists/International 3 (2008)

The red neon tubing of To Suspend the Breath pulsates in the corner of the stable block, requiring our attention like an outdated street sign.

Delineating the structure of an inverted pair of lungs, the double neon tubing throbs between inward and outward breaths.

It also clearly alludes to a tree oscillating between its bare branch and full-leaf form.

Brass Art

Brass Art is an artist’s collective comprised of Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneke Pettican, three artists based in Manchester, Huddersfield and Glasgow. They have worked together since 1998.

Brass Art had a solo exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2008 and took part in major shows at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and Manchester Contemporary; Cultural R>evolution in Hong Kong and The Festival of the Unconcious at the Freud Museum in London.