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Open Book


Open Book

Bronze, patinated and painted, 2005


Courtesy the Artist and Waddington Custot Galleries, London

Bill Woodrow

Bill Woodrow is an English sculptor. In 1980 he first devised his characteristic method of making sculpture, forming a new object or objects from the skin of a found domestic appliance. Woodrow worked in such a way as to leave evident the original identities of the constituent items as well as the mode of transformation. His work is distinguished by its reliance on discarded consumer durables redolent of contemporary urban experience and by a witty and skilful manipulation of this raw material into a kind of three-dimensional drawing. These juxtapositions of images and objects from ordinary life do not constitute didactic statements, but have an elliptical, poetic content.

His work was the subject of a solo show at the Royal Academy in 2013. He was one of three artists selected to make a sculpture for the Fourth Plinth, Trafalgar Square in 2000.