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Unseen and Untouched

Unseen and Untouched  

The works echo each other across the space at Sudeley as if linked by a mysterious current. The motif of the pond evokes the myth of Narcissus, the greek youth who fell in love with his image and was drowned trying to embrace it and perhaps refers to the current stranglehold of the image in our society.

Angus Fairhurst

Angus Fairhurst was born in Kent in 1966 and died tragically young in 2009. Following his inclusion in the exhibition 'Freeze' (1998) Fairhurst developed his own unique brand of humorous critique and interventionist artworks. His fascination was in the mechanisms and motifs of consumer culture and the endless and meaningless merry-go-round it engendered. Fairhurst used a variety of media from painting to sound, animation or sculpture.

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