Meadow Arts


Tell it to the Trees

11 July 2009 – 15 September 2010
Croft Castle and Parkland, Yarpole, Near Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9PW

Ancient woodlands, a mysterious picturesque valley, an intimate walled garden and a Gothick Castle are the setting for ‘Tell it to the trees’, a year long exhibition of contemporary sculptural installations and paintings at the National Trust’s Croft Castle in Herefordshire, from July 2009.

The National Trust



Tell it to the Trees


Performance day at Croft Castle

An exciting day of Performance Art organised by Meadow Arts.  Shrewd, subtle and not without humour, live Performance Art is a rare treat. Meadow Arts has invited nine artists to give a series of performances that will take place throughout the day at various locations in the parkland, gardens and Castle.

The day was co-curated by Anne de Charmant and Lee Hassall


Holly Davey

'Whatever happened to them all...'

Exploring fact and fiction, Holly Davey lead a 30 minutes fictional guided tour that rediscovers the hidden and fascinating lives of the servants at Croft Castle. As you step from parlour to kitchen let yourself fall into another world of secret gardens and forgotten dreams.


Dan Whitehouse

May’s DAY, May’s DAY

May’s DAY, May’s DAY was an examination into the social and cultural significances of not only the May Day celebration’s but the phenomenon of the ‘day off’. Through the excavation of paganistic actions, international celebrations and the more prosaic ‘Bank Holiday-isms’, Whitehouse provided a unique and at times comical take on what we choose to do on ‘our days off’.


Sparky Mark Baldwin

Crossing the Lime

This performance took place within the spatial structure of a fallen lime tree. With the body as a medium, lines were drawn through the space to explore the relationship between landscape and body, and the meeting point of stillness and movement. Despite being still, the body is moving.Despite having fallen, the tree is still growing.


Mark Richards

Make of me what you will
(land use by special arrangement with the National Trust)

For 3 days Mark was totally  dependent upon others for his survival. From Friday the 1st May visitors provided him with shelter, food and clothing and made provision for his welfare, culture and occupation. In exchange, Mark made art work and writings on and from any materials given to him and these will be available for visitors to take away. With this ambitious performance Mark wishes to explore his dependency upon those around him and the extent to which he is the product of his culture’s dreams, preferences and limitations.


Lee Hassall

Site reading and performance

A site reading from the Southern terrasse of Croft Castle by means of a black convex mirror (Claude Glass) refelcting the boundless landscape, accompanied by a performative lecture.


Alex Metcalf

Tree Listening Installation

What is happening inside a tree? While listening to the headphones that hang from the tree you can hear water being pulled up from the roots to the leaves through the xylem tubes. You  hear a quiet popping as water mixes with air on its’ way upwards and the deep rumbling sound produced by the tree moving and vibrating.


Nathaniel Pitt

Part V Voyage to The Man, Croft, Hospital, The City and Tallinn

Nathaniel Pitt will be making a slow procession throughout the grounds of Croft. He will be pulling a fleet of flagships and a drinks globe in a performance entitled Part V Voyage to The Man, Croft, Hospital, The City and Tallinn. The performance is part of a wider project exploring notions and themes in ecology, human folly and satire.


Juneau Projects


Juneau Projects will be performing a set of their recent songs using custom-made electronic instruments that draw upon pastoral and digital folklore.


Lenny Alsop

Story telling

A full day of compelling stories told in the intimacy of the walled garden.

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