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Philippa Lawrence

Philippa Lawrence sees her work as an attempt to assuage some of the feeling of separateness that is part of the human condition. Through her work she sifts and sorts the world and its ‘stuff’, trying to distill a thought or a recognition into a piece that can engage people long enough to make their own associations.

Work ranges from the monumental to the minute, bringing objects and materials together to draw out new possibilities. Whether the work is intimate or large scale, Philippa employs similar repetitive actions to realise it.





Philippa Lawrence is based in Bristol.


Barcode: FB814

Barcode: FB814

Meadow Arts Commission 2011

Philippa's Barcode: FB814 uses the barcodes from wooden dowelling of the type sold in hardware shops and places the barcode formations on individual trees at High Vinnalls, part of Mortimer Forest in North Herefordshire.

Philippa refers to how the individuality of each tree contrasts sharply with the uniformity of the commodity that it becomes, the dowelling, and invites the viewer to think about their own relationship with the landscape and the environment.

Recent events have shown how highly people regard Britain's woodland and forest heritage; after a huge public outcry, the government abandoned its plans to sell off woodland and forests to private organisations.

As an artist I make work that is site-responsive. I am interested in the potential for artwork to make connections between people and place, believing an artwork or intervention can assist in accessing a place and the language of textiles especially so.  I have a deep interest in ‘place’ - what it is and how the individual may experience it, actually or psychologically, how ‘we’ respond and relate to landscape, to ‘site’ and how we orientate ourselves.

Equally important to me is the research behind a presented piece and the people I met during this stage, I make work in order to deepen my personal understanding of the world and to make a piece that draws the spectator in long enough for them to make their own connections.

My practice is diverse – driven by an interest to explore materials and the latent possibilities in their combinations as well as work in response to place. I am increasingly aware of the value we place on commodities and goods from a particular place, that place and its natural resources once shaped settlements and ‘work’ and ways of being within a location, which are no longer viable.

My practice is increasingly made in response to man’s acquisition and exploitation of land. Works such as ‘Soft Target’, ‘All the Kings Horses’, ‘Bound’ and ‘Bonsai Bound’, ‘Atlas of Tears’ are works that although beautiful draw attention to the fragility of the situations in which we are enmeshed – politically, personally and environmentally.

Philippa Lawrence

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