Jonathan Callan - Idiot Compression

Shown as part of Never Judge a Book. Image by Stefan Handy.

Artist's Research Residency at Harp Cottage


Research residency for a mid-career West-Midlands based visual artist in partnership with Meadow Arts

The residency’s aim is to provide a mid-career visual artist with space and time for creative inquiry and reflection. Preference will be given to an artist who currently lives and works in an urban context; it is hoped that the rural setting will prompt consideration about the significance of location within the artist’s practice.


For 1 week in January 2017, the resident will receive the following:

  • Free accommodation and work space at Harp Cottage
  • Travel expenses – a car may be beneficial, but other travel arrangements can be discussed
  • Weekly stipend of £250
  • A tailored mentoring session with Meadow Arts



Harp Cottage is owned by artist Justine Cook, who is offering it as a residency space. As an artist herself, Justine struggles to find time to think: to have time to simply let her subconscious work, for thoughts and ideas to filter through.  She says, “Time away from the everyday can help us to clarify the muddle.  Through Harp Cottage I could see a way of helping other artists to achieve this by providing the space and time to nurture thought.” 

Key dates

Deadline for applications: 13th November 2016

Resident Artist Announced: 24th November 2016

Residency period: 1 week in January 2017


To be eligible to apply for this residency applicants must be a:

  • mid-career
  • West-Midlands based
  • visual artist working in any medium


The awarded artist will be expected to:

  • Produce online content (eg. articles, video, interviews, blog etc) about their experiences on the residency
  • Reflect and Feedback on the impact of the residency after 2 months, 6 months and 1 year

There is no expectation for an artwork to be produced as a result of this residency.

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