Jonathan Callan - Idiot Compression

Installation shown in Never Judge a Book, Richard Booth's Bookshop 2016

David Nash - Three Black Humps

Meadow Arts and Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust commission at Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron

Mariele Neudecker - Doppelgänger - CANCELLED

22nd August 2017

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mariele Neudecker has had to cancel her exhibition with Meadow Arts at The Courtyard in Hereford. We are very sad that her work will not be shown and hope to work with her again soon.

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Faye Claridge Approaches Controversial Subject

22nd August 2017

Visitors to this year’s Shrewsbury Folk Festival from 25-28 August will find Faye Claridge’s new art project The Village Green Screen waiting to collect their thoughts on a contentious issue: the ‘Black Face’ tradition of Morris Dancing.

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NPO Success for Meadow Arts

29th June 2017

Meadow Arts is delighted to announce that it has been successful in its application to Arts Council England for funding as a National Portfolio Organisation from 2018-22.

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Meadow Arts Inspires!

11th April 2017

Meadow Arts is excited to welcome Merie Eglesfield-Hope to the team, as part of our Meadow Arts Inspires learning programme.

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Harp Cottage Diary - Part 7

12th March 2017

Rob Hewitt's final diary entry from the Harp Cottage Residency reveals some insights into how the experience will help to feed into his artistic practice. He's sad to be leaving, but will take some valuable reflections away...

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Harp Cottage Diary - Part 6

11th March 2017

The Harp Cottage Diary continues: today Rob finds art across the road, alters the 'curated cupboard' and meets the locals in the pub.

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Harp Cottage Diary - Part 5

10th March 2017

Rehawk Logistica's diary from the Harp Cottage Residency continues: today a walk reveals the local wildlife and an unexpected danger...

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Harp Cottage Diary - Part 4

9th March 2017

The Harp Cottage Residency diary continues, with more observations from Rob on his week of reflective thinking, and some fascinating photographs.

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Harp Cottage Diary - Part 3

8th March 2017

Rob Hewitt continues his diary from the Harp Cottage Residency: today he ventures forth for a peaceful walk, only to find that the countryside is far from quiet around the cottage during daylight hours.

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Harp Cottage Diary - Part 2

7th March 2017

Rob finds a map: part two of the diary Rob Hewitt of Redhawk Logistica kept while he undertook the Harp Cottage Residency in January.

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